Quick Pics ...Check Us Out!!

Jesse and Junior are sporting their Pet Pals attire.
We love our groomer, Suzanne.
Pam and Kobe, all smiles!
Campers taking a dip!!
Sputnik on the moon
Melissa and Ruggie relaxing
Ruggie striking a pose
Dakote Spicuzza, ready for some action
Baxter giving Gina some love
Sean and Playdoh
Wally says "Let's get this party started!"
"Dogging" on the job
These 3 are up to no good!
The "dog" days of August.
Ben knows he's Bad to the Bone.
The camera loves Sapphire.
Gina working on the tan. You go girl!
Wally and Dakota are "pooped"!
Stuart and Lucy want to be alone.
Dakota says, "I've had enough fun for
one day. I need my beauty sleep!"


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