Pet Pals provides the most unique daycare you will
find anywhere!

Our services include:

  • Great exercise
  • Interaction & socialization with other pets and humans
  • Help for dogs suffering from separation anxiety or depression
  • Protection for your home from being torn apart by your bored or lonesome pet
  • Extremely clean, safe, and supervised environment

Pet Pals Daycare is not just a designated playtime. We offer up to 12 hours of cageless
indoor/outdoor playtime supervised by our trained counselors. We have a huge 2,000
sq. ft. cageless indoor climate controlled playground with an attached outdoor fenced-in
yard where our pals can roam between as they please! Indoor/outdoor playgrounds are
divided into separate areas for small and large dogs.

Our features include:

  • 2,000 sq. ft. cageless playground
  • Separate play areas for small and large dogs
  • Individual attention
  • Human supervision at all times


American Boarding Kennels Association
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