20% Discount for New Customers!
(can be applied to boarding and grooming costs)
Where your pets will arrive as guests
....and leave feeling like family!
  PET PALS RESORT is dedicated to
providing your pet with the best care
you can find. Whether your pet is
here for Daycare, Boarding or
Grooming, you can have peace of
mind knowing that we have worked
hard to create a special friendly atmosphere. We provide lots of love and attention in a safe, sanitary environment to    
assure you that your pet is always in good hands. We invite you to visit PET PALS RESORT, meet the staff and tour our accommodations. Our cageless, indoor/outdoor playground welcomes all friendly dogs that are not protective of food, toys or space. Dogs and cats must be in good general health, and owners must provide  
  veterinary poof of all current vaccines: dogs are required to have bordetella, distemper, parvo and rabies vaccines as well as some form of flea and tick control. Cats are required to have rabies and distemper vaccines.    


American Boarding Kennels Association

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